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Cardinals fans react after team falls to the Braves

ST. LOUIS - Ahead of Sunday’s game, Ballpark Village was full of fans anxious to root for their beloved home-team whose last appearance in the playoffs was in 2015.

“It’s our favorite thing to do. This is what we live for!” said a Cardinals fan.

There was a pep rally that rolled in with dancing, cheering, and confidence the Cardinals had what it took to face the Braves and break the tie.

“I’ve been a Cardinals fan since I was a kid. For them to win means everything. We’re going to win it we’re going to take it tomorrow we aren’t going back to Atlanta!” another fan exclaimed.

Those same fans walked out with disappointment after the close game took a quick turn.

“What changed the mood for us was when Bader tried to steal the base and that changed the dynamics of the game… the momentum…everything.”

“We had a game but hey they are coming to win also, and Martinez wasn’t on his game tonight. We just have to come back tomorrow and see what we can do.”

Though upset about the turn out of the game, the Cards fan loyalty is lasting.

“We need some offense… we need some runs… we need some hits, and I think we can do it cardinals going to get them we can do it. Go Red Birds!”

There’s a glimmer of hope for their final chance at another championship run.

Monday, Cards fans are keeping the faith as they vie for their spot in the NLCS.

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