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Homeless family moving into a home after a Good Samaritan and Elliott Davis step in

ST. LOUIS, Mo. — A homeless couple is who was sleeping in several area parks with their 5 and 6-year-old children are now getting a home. Their interview with FOX 2’s Elliott Davis on Facebook went viral in September. He put them up in a motel for the past 16 days.

Elliott Davis says one of his Facebook fans, Cassandra Logan, saw posts about the couple on his Facebook page. She offered a home for the family to live in. Davis paid for the family’s cost of moving in.

“I tell you what I’ve done to encourage others to help those less fortunate. Even if it’s just a kind word and a smile. Cassandra is going to plug them into other social services,” writes Elliott Davis on Facebook.

Cassandra Logan has been taking in homeless people since the New Life Evangelical Center shut down in downtown St. Louis. She has a lot of experience in helping homeless people. But, she has never taken in a family. She says that there are jobs lined up for Jesse and Breonna White.

Logan also says that she has a surprise for them. She is working on getting the family to become homeowners through another program.

“Homeowners! Thank you,” said Breonna White.

Breonna White said her family had been homeless for about a year. A family member told them they had to leave after they were staying there for a while. She says that getting her kids ready for school while suffering from sickle cell is one of the most difficult things about the situation. The condition is very painful.

“The hardest part is sleeping in the park with the kids. We don’t want anyone messing with them because we have a little girl and a boy. There are a lot of pedophiles out there. You have to watch out for those guys. Some of them came from prison and you don’t know what they did,” said Jesse Cauthen said in an interview from September.

Elliott Davis recently won a regional Edward R. Murrow award for social media because of his work being an advocate for the homeless.

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