Serial killer’s victim portraits could help crack cold cases

The FBI released 16 images on Tuesday, drawn from memory by Samuel Little, who told authorities they are just some of the more than 90 people he killed over three decades.

The FBI is hoping that dozens of portraits drawn by a California inmate will help law enforcement crack cold cas homicides around the country.

Samuel Little produced detailed portraits of women he says he strangled over the course of more than three decades. Now the FBI is publicizing them in hopes friends or family members will recognize them.

It’s highly unusual for law enforcement to have a serial killer draw his victims and then push them out to the public.

Little has confessed to 93 slayings. The FBI declared him the most prolific serial killer in U.S. history earlier this month.

FBI crime analyst Christina Palazzolo says investigators didn’t want to “upset anybody” but are “trying to bring some measure of closure and justice.”

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