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17 children injured after a plane dumped jet fuel over their elementary school playground near Los Angeles

More than a dozen elementary school children are being treated after a plane dumped jet fuel over a school playground near Los Angeles.

The incident happened at Park Avenue Elementary in Cudahy, California, just after noon on Tuesday, Sean Ferguson of the Los Angeles County Fire Department told CNN. A total of 17 children received minor injuries from the dump, and six adults were also injured.

The department confirmed the substance was in fact jet fuel in a tweet.

While the children were playing, a plane approaching Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) dumped the fuel, which fell over the group. The victims were treated by dozens of firefighters and paramedics at the school, which is located about 19 miles east of the airport.

Video posted on YouTube shows the plane flying overhead. Alan De Leon, who shot the video, told CNN he heard a loud whistle, smelled jet fuel and felt irritation in his eyes.

The Federal Aviation Administration confirmed that Delta Flight 89 bound for Shanghai, China, declared an emergency shortly after takeoff and returned to LAX. The agency could not immediately confirm the reports that fuel was dumped from the jet.

A hazardous materials team was also at the school testing the liquid, Ferguson said. In a written statement, the Los Angeles Unified School District said educators at are checking each classroom to make sure no injuries were missed. The district’s Office of Environmental Health and Safety is also responding.

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