Furor over Sunset Hills flood plain project, forces city to change approval process

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SUNSET HILLS, MO - The You Paid For It Team is shining a light on a development that Sunset Hills homeowners fear will lead to more flooding.

57,000 square yards of landfill is being brought in to build up a 15-acre area on a flood plain.

The company located near the Meramec River is the prime contractor for the project to raise the land in order to make it into an industrial court.

They’ve got all of the required permits and the okay from Sunset Hills Public Works Department.

But apparently, the project did not need the okay from the Board of Aldermen.

Now, as a result of the public furor over the project the city is now drafting legislation to make future projects like this harder to do in a flood plain. A developer would be required to remove the same amount of fill as they bring in.

Also, the flood plain projects would need the approval of the Sunset Hill's Board of Aldermen.

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