Thanksgiving Day Decorations On A Budget

(KTVI) – Here come the holidays!  Sure, there are plenty of store bought things you can get to dress up the house and table. But it can be expensive. Why not do it yourself! Scott Hepper, master designer from Walter Knoll Florist has some great ideas. Wrap a tall bunch of twigs-river birch twigs (1 […]

End-Of-Summer Party Tips

(KTVI) – Summer is beginning to wind down but don’t worry, there is still time to have that last summer get-together. And to help make sure it’s a good one, Scott Hepper, master designer for Walter Knoll Florist is here to share how to get the party started, with the help of food from Straubs.

Walter Knoll Florists has arrangements perfect for Easter

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Scott Hepper of Walter Knoll Florists has a beautiful array of flowers to choose from this holiday season. Easter is next Sunday, and Scott encourages you to add a pop of color to your home with fresh flowers. You still have time to place your order. Visit today!

Walter Knoll Florist decks out for St. Patrick’s Day

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – With St. Patrick’s Day approaching this week, many will enjoy celebrations with friends and family.  Master Designer of Walter Knoll Florist Scott Hepper has some helpful tips for sprucing up your dinner table with visions of green. If you’d like assistance decorating, you can bring a vase in to Walter Knoll […]

Celebrate summer birthdays with the help of Walter Knoll Florist

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Summer is a hot time for birthdays!  Do you know what to get that special someone with a birthday coming up?  Scott Hepper, Master Designer at Walter Knoll Florist, shares some special, creative ideas for that next birthday celebration.  So flowers aren’t their thing?  No problem.  The floral shop has […]

Walter Knoll Florist shows the perfect accents for a vineyard wedding

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) -Fall wedding season is just around the corner.  Master Designer of Walter Knoll Florist Scott Hepper gives creative ideas to have the perfect fall wedding. Hepper shares how Mount Pleasant Winery would be a great venue for a fall wedding.  Scott Hepper discusses which flower arrangements are becoming popular and certain colors that […]

Walter Knoll Florists: Fall themed flower boxes

ST. LOUIS – Fall is quickly approaching and Scott Hepper of Walter Knoll Florists has some wonderful designs, perfect for the season. He shows off different types of flower boxes and creative ways to fill them with beautiful flowers that are perfect for this time of year. For more information visit:

Walter Knoll Florist: Spring weddings

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – It’s almost springtime, which means flowers are blooming, wedding bells are ringing and Walter Knoll Florist has you covered. Scott Hepper from Walter Knoll Florist joins us to show us all of the beautiful creations the wedding department has created for St. Louis brides. For more information, visit

Walter Knoll Florist: Spring design on a budget

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – With winter trying to desperately dig its nails into the weather before surrendering to spring, we are starved for the garden, the patio, the outdoors. Scott Hepper from Walter Knoll Florist has some tips to add the warmth of spring to the indoors in anticipation of blooms, blossoms and all things […]

What do those flowers mean?

(KTVI) – The next time you say “let’s send flowers,” think about the meaning.  Yes, different flowers mean different things. Scott Hepper, master designer from Walter Knoll Florist shows us what they mean. Carnations love and fascination. Gerbera Daisies beauty and innocence. Iris Flowers Representing faith, hope, and wisdom, Orchids rare and delicate beauty. Peruvian […]

Food and flowers

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Labor day is on the way and there are a few ways to kick up your gatherings another notch. Scott Hepper is here to show us the goods and some birthday ideas.