5 ways to protect yourself from hackers

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ST. LOUIS – It is more important than ever to protect yourself online. Scott Schaffer from Blade Technologies Inc. has some advice in order to be protected from hackers.

  • Password Manager
    • Creates strong passwords
    • Remembers passwords for you
  • Multi-factor authentification
    • Use something you know – like a password
    • Use something you have – like your phone that a code gets sent to
    • Use something you are – like your fingerprint or eye
    • Schaffer said 2 out of those 3 will help you be safer from hackers
  • Update your hardware and software
    • Schaffer said don’t hit dismiss over and over again
    • Install the updates
  • Encryption
    • This scrambles the data in such a way that if someone stole your laptop and took out your hard drive they wouldn’t be able to get the data
  • Delete your unused accounts

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