Better Business Bureau warns people of ‘grandparent scam’

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ST. LOUIS – The summer travel season is upon us and that means we’re seeing an uptick in scams.

One popular scam is called the grandparent scam. Chris Thetford from the Better Business Bureau has tips on how to keep from getting swindled by this type of scam.

Thetford said the scam starts through a frantic voice calling a person that is of grandparent-age and the voice asks for money because something terrible has happened. Some examples are a person pretending to be a grandchild asking their grandparent for money to pay for a car repair, lawyer fees, or bail money.

Thetford said this emotional appeal unfortunately works well.

Thetford said if you get one of these calls, take a deep breath and check out the validity of the phone calls. Find out if the person who is saying they’re your family member is really your family member.

He also reminds people that wiring money is just like handing someone cash. He said it’s very difficult to get it back.

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