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(KTVI)- The St. Louis Blues appear to be healthier after a recent bacterial scare skated through its locker room Last week, both the Blues and Minnesota Wild experienced flu-like symptoms.

Dr. Carter Fenton Jr. with Total Access Urgent Care tells us more about this bacterial infection  and how you can avoid spreading it this Halloween.

Avoiding Halloween germs:

• When you greet Trick-or-Treaters, give out the candy yourself, or scoop it out, rather than let all the kids reach in and get it themselves
• No matter how scary their costume, kids should not share their outfits, especially their masks.
• If your child has a cough and you think it is ‘just a cold’, err on the side of safety and avoid going out that night
• Flu precautions include wiping down doors, handles and other objects that are commonly touched. On Halloween, frequently touched objects are likely to include exterior door handles as well as doorbells. To minimize the spread of germs, use a product which is effective against viruses and wipe down those handles and doorbells frequently
• Pregnant? Step away from the door on Halloween night. Pregnant women, asthmatic and those with suppressed immune systems should not be handing out Halloween candy due to their heightened risks of contracting the flu
• Finally, remember that Halloween Flu precautions do not end when children arrive home.
Make sure they wash their hands and don`t keep reaching into the bags of their friends or even their siblings

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