Body language and your career success

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(KTVI) - If you're on a job interview and you talk a good game, you might think you nailed it. But it's your non-verbal skills that can sink the promise of a new job.

Jennifer Rigdon, a body language expert, talks about the five body language poses that can sabotage your success.

1-Crossing ankles while standing...
((more confy-heels...shy and insignificant...wear flats))

2-Fig leaf pose while standing
((women or impression of unimportance))

3-Tipping or tilting head
((Women=suggest to others that they are confused or agree with what the speaker says, when they really don't))

4-Coy eye contact-
((Don't drop chin and look up & over glasses...not OK in busienss world...good eye contact suggests you are an intelligent person))

5-Nervous habits-fidgeting, picking lint, playing with jewelry or cell phone, throwing your hair=signs of of nervousness and no confidence.


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