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(KTVI)- On Sunday, a group of teenangers were accused of killing a 32-year-old man in the Bevo neighborhood. Witnesses say they  brutally beat  Zemir Begic with hammers. He later died in a hospital. Police arrested three teenagers and they are still looking for a fourth.

The chant of “Bosnian lives matter,” is now being heard.

Dzevada Keranovic, Secretary for the United Bosnian Association, stops by with more.

Community members suggest the hammer attack was racially motivated. Begic was white, while Mitchell and one of the two juveniles are black, and the other is Hispanic. Members of St. Louis’ sizable Bosnian community are embracing some of the same methods as Ferguson protester, but they want to attracting a stronger police presence rather than opposing it.

Hundreds of protesters rallied the past two nights in the Little Bosnia neighborhood of south St. Louis in response to the attack. Begic moved to the United States from Bosnia in 1996,

A Go Fund Me account has been created by group/ person in Iowa to help cover funeral expenses for Zemir.

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