Business booms for The Corner Reef as people have more time

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ST. LOUIS – People had a lot more time on their hands during the pandemic and that proved fruitful for The Corner Reef in south county.

With the extra time people had, many bought aquariums and kept The Corner Reef’s business booming. Owner Steve Babcock said the biggest negative the pandemic had on their business was the inability to have more people working in the store in order to keep up with the demand.

The Corner Reef sells anything saltwater related, fish, coral, food, hardware and more.

For those interested in having a saltwater aquarium in their home, Babcock suggests getting the proper filtration and water quality equipment. He said it costs a little more up front to set it up correctly, but it will cost a saltwater fish enthusiast a lot less over the long term if they do it the right way first.

Fish in the store range from $12 all the way up to $700.

The store is located in the south county mall near the Home Depot parking lot.

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