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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Leah Flynn, 7, is an amazingly talented Violinist who has set her sights on using her talent to inspire change. Leah has seen the violence taking place in Ferguson and dreams of reaching out to the community through music. Her wish is to prevent any further violence in any communities by spreading messages of peace with music.

During Leah’s appearance on the View, Whoopi Goldberg  mentioned that it would be great if she was able to be seen playing live on screen for the people of Ferguson.

Leah wanted to perform ‘Let There Be Peace on Earth and Let It Begin with Me’ for the local residents. Her family contacted the Missouri Governor`s office, and was willing to fly her out to perform, in hopes of bringing a sense of peace during the violent unrest. Although the governor declined the offer, Leah`s dream stood strong.

On Thursday, December 4th, FOX 2 News in the Morning gladly welcomed Leah and her mother Paula.

She gave an extraordinary performance that is sure to move hearts across the world!

For additional information and other performances visit Leah on YouTube at: Leah Flynn:Young Violinist Extraordinaire