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(KTVI)- A week ago today as Ferguson smoldered, the Oath Keepers, a volunteer network of current and former us military, police and firefighters moved in to guard businesses, residents and peaceful protesters. However, on Saturday, they were ordered to leave by St. Louis County police after being welcomed earlier in the week.

Leader Sam Andrews complied but is legally challenging that order to leave. Tuesday, they are going to get an order against that junction. The organization is looking for volunteers to assist.

“Chief Belmar has told his men to do unconstitutional things like ID people who have not committed crimes. Coming on private property ad ordering them off of private property when they are not committing a crime. Chief Belmar needs to resign or start acting in a very constitutional way.” said Sam Andrews.

Why did they tell you to vacate?

“They claim that they had a St. Louis County ordinance that prevented anyone from securing a building or conducting a security operation without a St. Louis County license.” said Sam Andrews. “We are all volunteers, as a matter of fact, no one has taken a dime. Everyone spent their own money to get out and help the people of Ferguson.”

Did you encounter any Molotov Cocktails?

“We put them out with fire extinguishers and cooled the roof with a bucket of water.” said Sam Andrews.

Why did you carry rifles and semi-automatic weapons? What did you plan to do with those?

“Well, in Missouri you’re allowed to use lethal force for three reasons; to prevent a murder, to prevent a sexual assault or an arson. A lot of people get confused about that last one, arson. It is not about protecting the building, it is about protecting the people inside. There just happens to be apartments on the second floor with people sleeping inside.” said Sam Andrews.

How did the protesters react to you once they knew you were there?

“Once they got to know us they said, ‘We’re so glad you’re here. Thank you for coming; we appreciate everything you’re doing. Keep it up, please don’t leave. we trust you, we love you.’ Things like that. Initially they thought we were the police, they called us KKK, they called us a whole bunch of things. That is not true. There was a humorous moment on Wednesday night. We had one of Michael Brown’s relatives came up to challenge one of our men on the roof and said, ‘You’re the KKK.’ He just just happened to ask one of our members who is Native American and Filipino. It was extremely cold that night. He pulled his face-mask off and said, ‘Really, do you think they expanded their membership opportunities?’ We laughed for 10 minutes about that.” said Sam Andrews.

Here are the skill sets/experience they are looking for:

  1. Police Officers (preferably with 5 years or more experience) street cops or corrections.
  2. Forward deployed assets, such as scouts, with binocular range finder and requisite equipment, and the right field experience.
  3. Communications experts with HAM and/or FRS radios
  4. Direct action infantry (11B or 0311).  You need to have your own gear necessary for this mission, including your own body armor, tactical lights, and other essential tactical gear, and cold weather gear. etc.  Personal Security Detail training and experience a plus.
  5. Photographers/cameramen with video and still-camera, preferably with combat experience, or similar high stress field experience.  Also, we prefer that they have their own body armor and cold weather gear.  Photographers need to be able to film all activity outdoors in all weather.  We want to film any encounters with looters, as potential evidence. We also need someone who can live-stream.
  6. Private drone operators, with drone mounted cameras.
  7. Truck drivers (4WD) (military experience preferred)
  8. Medics and Paramedics with own gear.  Both military medics and corpsmen, and civilian paramedics and EMTs, are needed.
  9. Experienced Fire-Fighters.

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