Five technologies to watch in 2016

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5 Technologies To Watch in 2016

1. Home Automation
a. Remember the Jetsons? 2016 might be the year that some of that technology becomes available as part of the Internet of Things (IoT).
· Apples' HomeKit.
· Google's Brillo and Weave platforms.
· Samsung's SmartThings.
· AllSeen Alliance's AllJoyn, an open source option supported by Microsoft, Sharp, LG, Panasonic, etc.

2. Self-Driving Vehicles
a. Fully self-aware and autonomous vehicles are still a few years off, but 2016 will see more than just Google leading the pack.
b. Apple is reportedly working on a semi-autonomous vehicle.
c. 2016 Mercedes E Class will have multiple cameras, radars and ultrasonic sensors, will be able to follow the vehicle in front at speeds of up to 125 mph and will be capable of driving itself on roads without clear lane markings at speeds of up to 80 mph.

3. Continuous Security Monitoring
a. This is one for the business owners and IT staff out there.
b. The days of scanning your network for flaws on an annual or quarterly basis is over.
c. Continuous monitoring, which has been used in enterprises for a long time, has reduced in cost to allow any size business to take advantage of gathering this important Threat Intelligence.

4. Virtual Reality
a. Much anticipated Oculus Rift system is becoming generally available at ~$600.00.
b. Virtual Reality devices are also available from Sony, Samsung, HTC, etc.
c. More than just gaming:
· Virtual Travelogues
· Science Visualizations of the very small (atoms) and the very large (galaxies).
· History Lessons--walk around downtown and see what it looked like in 1900, or even a guess on what it will look like in 2100.

5. Quantum Computing
a. Quantum Mechanics is the physics of the very small--sub atomic particles and the like.
b. A computer that uses quantum-mechanical phenomena to perform computing operations.
c. Google is leading the way with their D-Wave systems:
d. Without having a physics lecture this morning, it suffices to say that the computational abilities of this platform could be a game changer across the computer science and technological fields.


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