ST. LOUIS – On Wednesday night, former St. Louis Rams head coach Dick Vermeil was honored with the Jack Buck Sports Award. The Missouri Athletic Club hosted the event. The St. Louis Billikens, several sports personalities, and others were honored.

Vermeil shared what’s it like when he drives by The Dome at America Center.

“It’s a sad experience,” Vermeil expressed. “To know that that isn’t active in hosting games every week during the season, or at least eight times during the year.”

Vermeil also spoke about the early struggles as coach of the Rams back in 1997, as well as his legacy as coach in the city.

“The first two years were tough, but those first two years allowed us to be who we were the third year, and then you could really start enjoying it. I more or less made the mistake to leave, but I left it in good hands, and I left it in better shape than when I took over, so I felt pride in that”

Vermeil coached the Rams to a Super Bowl victory in 1999 against the Tennessee Titans.