ST. LOUIS – Everyone has heard of dog and cat rescues, but many don’t realize that there is a need for parrot rescue. STAR St Louis Avian Rescue is the only parrot rescue in the St Louis area. STAR is entirely volunteer and foster based (not a single paid employee). 

The rescue is excited to announce that its now licensed in Illinois to grow its foster base. STAR told FOX 2 that the need for parrot rescue continues to grow annually, and STAR maintains a list of birds waiting to fly into the foster program. The average parrot lives up to 80 to 100 years and will have seven homes in their lifetime. Parrots are not domesticated animals and can be a very difficult pet.

Those who want to be foster parents, don’t have to have prior experience to foster most smaller parrot species. STAR provides Parrot Care 101 to all new volunteers! They supply the cage, supply some of the toys/food/perches, and cover all medical costs.

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