COTTLEVILLE, Mo. – FOX 2 is ‘In Your Neighborhood’ and this stop is in the quaint yet quickly growing town of Cottleville, Missouri.

FOX 2’s Margie Ellisor and Blair Ledet spent time in the charming old town centered in Cottleville. One of the first things they noticed about the area was all the locally-owned businesses and boutiques you can shop in. the list is never-ending.  

Cottleville is also home to St. Joseph Parish, the largest parish in the archdiocese of the St. Louis area. It was named the fastest-growing town in Missouri in 2022, and it’s still growing.

A unique thing about Cottleville is that it’s common to see folks riding around in the golf cart-friendly community. There are historic sites like the ‘Public House’ and new popular places for families like ‘Frankie Martin’s Garden.’