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(KTVI)- Do you want your kids to start acing those tests? If so, it starts with the right kind of sleep. Dr. Joseph Ojile from the Clayton Sleep Institute stopped by to explain how it’s done.

Sleep is something that parents crave, but children and especially teenagers, need it. According to Dr. Ojile, educators and policymakers miss an intimate biological fact when they debate the relationship between sleep schedules and school performance etc.  Sleep is learning, of a very specific kind.

Studies show that scientists now argue that a primary purpose of sleep is learning consolidation, separating the signal from the noise and flagging what is most valuable.

School schedules change slowly, if at all, and the burden of helping teenagers get the sleep they need is squarely on parents.

Dr. Ojile says there is research suggesting that different kinds of sleep can aid different kinds of learning, and by teaching ‘sleep study skills,’ we can let our teenagers enjoy the sense that they`re gaming the system.

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