ST. LOUIS – We had a funny moment on FOX 2 this morning. Our traffic anchor, Amelia Mugavero, was having a technical difficulty. Our news anchor, John Pertzborn, helped her out. He used a method known as the “Fonzie Touch” to help fix the map. This refers to the way one Happy Day’s character would turn on the jukebox.

“I will say it is raining water out there across our Saint Louis area, causing crashes and some slowdowns,” said Mugavero. “Our biggest crash is going to be on 270. This is going to be at the 64/40 interchange, and we’re definitely seeing a lot of slowdowns as a result.” 

The map froze. 

“If my map would ever respond to me, I promise, I’m clicking away here,” Mugavero said.  

Pertzborn then runs from the left side of the screen to help Mugavero by tapping on the map. Which then, of course, works.  

“No, sorry, I’m in awe,” Mugavero responds on air. “How did that work?” 

Mugavero then continues her traffic hit, but of course between having a fit of giggles at the interaction that just happened.  

“I will have more details on this crash, but we need to get it back to John and Blair because I cannot stop laughing alright, thank you so much,” Mugavero said.