How can you avoid a collision with a deer during mating season

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. — Now is the time to be extra careful on the roadways to avoid hitting deer. Deer vehicle collisions typically peak in October and November.

There are around 250-300 deer-related accidents per year in St. Louis County and over 3,000 accidents annually state-wide. Most occur in urban areas because of increased vehicle traffic.

If your vehicle is hit by a deer then move it to a safe location.  Call local law enforcement if an accident report or medical attention is needed.  Contact the Missouri Department of Conservation if someone wants to take the deer.  The driver of the vehicle is normally given the first opportunity to claim it.
MDC will send a disposition sheet for possession of the deer.

What are some ways to help avoid collisions? Be extra cautious during the fall, especially around dawn and dusk. Don`t let down your guard even if a deer has already crossed since more may follow. Turn to avoid a deer only if it is safe to do so. But do not jeopardize yourself by turning into oncoming traffic or risk sliding off into a ditch or hitting something else.


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