How to ease your pet’s anxieties as you head back to work

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ST. LOUIS – A record number of pets were adopted during the pandemic, and for the first time, many of these pets are being left alone as their human pals return to work.

So get ready when you return home. You may find potty messes, destroyed shoes, clawed doors or the corner off of a table.

Purina pet behaviorist Dr. Annie Valuska explains how to soothe your pet’s anxieties.

Humans and animals alike felt the effects of the pandemic.

Rescue Alliance Director of Operations Jonathan Henriques says, “Some pets will undergo what’s actually called pet separation anxiety to where they actually will go wandering around the house, some will defecate or urinate, it’s not a form of retaliation, but it’s like their world was turned upside down.”

Ascension Parish Healthcare Worker Christy Burnett says her dog, Chip, exhibits similar behaviors.

Burnett says, “recently my neighbor contacted me and asked me if I was home, and I said no I’m at work, why, what’s going on? She said I heard this dog crazy, so I was able to pull up my cameras and it was my dog crying, missing me.”

He would peek his snout through the window when she made it home.

She said. “He’s a very loving dog and he likes for people to be home, so dogs need that human bond and that human touch.”

There are some ways to help ease their anxiety.

“Come in the house with treats to show them, hey, here I am, I love you. I’m home and it actually will help them with coping with the fact that you’ve been away all day,” said Henriques.

Other ways to help your pets cope are by getting them new toys and taking them on long walks when you get home.

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