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(KTVI) – The Human Society of Missouri is having a “cool cat” special now through September 1st. Angela Smith from the Humane Society explains as well as gives us some interesting cat facts

o     Cat Rubbing:  Cats rub their heads against you because they want you to pet and scratch them, but they also are leaving their scent. When a cat head-rubs your face with wide open eyes, it means he trusts you.

o     Cat Rolling:  Sometimes cats throw themselves to the ground and roll around. They do this to get attention, and spread their scent. Since cats love routine, once a rolling pattern starts, it will probably continue.

o     Covering Food:  When cats cover their food they either don`t like it, are trying to hide it, or want to save it as a snack for later.

o     Cat Kiss:  When a cat slowly blinks at you, we call this a ‘cat kiss,’ a sign of pure love. The next time you notice your cat gazing at you, look back at her and with great exaggeration, slowly shut and open your eyes. Chances are your cat will return your slow blink with a ‘cat kiss!’ Try it!

~Tell us about the “cool cat” pricing….

o     Through September 1, adult cats six months and older are just $24.95 – adopt a second adult cat for just $10 more

o     And  kittens are only $49.95 – plus adopters can save $5 on a second kitten

·     In addition, adopters receive a free veterinary office visit to HSMO`s Animal Medical Center of Mid-America for every cat or kitten adopted — a $52.70 value!

·     Adoption fee includes all necessary vaccinations, spay or neuter surgery and microchip identification.

All 3 Humane Society of Missouri adoption locations:
St. Louis City, Westport, and Chesterfield.




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