ST. LOUIS – Back to school is not far away, but for some 90,000 kids in the St. Louis area, their families can’t afford school supplies. That is where KidSmart comes in.

That group is hosted Back to School with the Bucks at Ballpark Village on Thursday to help get kids what they need. Volunteers from multiple companies joined together to fill backpacks with basic supplies including notebooks, pencils, hand sanitizer, and some books. The goal was to distribute $1 million worth of school supplies.

KidSmart’s officer of corporate giving Jill Laux said the event hopes to help 40,000 kids who qualify for the free and reduced lunch program.

Organizers said after the backpacks are filled on Thursday, there will be a drive-through event for teachers next week along Clark Street outside of Ballpark Village. On that day, workers will put the filled backpacks into teachers’ cars for them to then give to students. 

This is possible through the support of Joe Buck and his family who have supported KidSmart for 20 years.