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ST. LOUIS – The monoclonal antibody treatment received a thumbs-up Monday from the Mayo Clinic it is used on people who have a high risk of serious illnesses from COVID-19.

Missouri is one of the states committed to the treatment.

Mercy Hospital Jefferson in Festus, Missouri will begin doing the monoclonal antibody treatment Wednesday.

Mercy Jefferson Clinical Care Specialist Dr. Senthil Aruchamy gave a preview of what people can expect.

The treatment has been approved for emergency use.

Aruchamy said the treatment has lab-created antibodies in it that specifically target the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2. This will be administered to people who have just been exposed or who have tested positive and then have mild to moderate illness. Aruchamy said if it is given to these patients before 10 days, it has been shown to decrease the likeliness that the patient will get severely ill, hospitalized, or die.

It is specifically for patients who are already at high risk.