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Tons of good movies are out on DVD today.  I’m going to start with my favorite movie of 2011,  “The Descendants”.  I think this is George Clooney’s best work ever.  He plays the father of two girls who is faced with a double whammy.  His wife is dying and he learns she was having an affair. It’s tragic, funny and Clooney know exactly how to play both in this movie.

Michelle Williams also got an oscar nomination for playing Marilyn Monroe in the movie, “My Week With Marilyn.” She nails it. You really get a sense that Marilyn Monroe was playing a character in her daily life.  Behind closed doors she was fragile and quite insecure.

Someone who should have been nominated for an Oscar is charlize theron in the movie, “Young Adult”. She plays a completely dispicable, yet irresistable, woman who goes back to her small hometown to relive her glory days and try to win  back her high school sweetheart.  She’s so wrong, but Charlize’s performance is so right.

My pick for best animated feature of last year is “The Adventures Of Tin-Tin”. Tin Tin is an interpid, young reporter who’s trying to crack a case and get the story.  That leads him on a wild adventure.  Steven Spielberg directed this one.

Another animated film on DVD today is “Happy Feet Two”. I loved the first “Happy Feet” from 2006. This one, not as much. Frankly, I was lost. I know this sounds crazy for a “kids movie” but I think some of the characters are confusing.

I have two words to say about the Three Musketeers, Milla Jovovich. She is fierce.  We know she can do fight scenes from her resident evil movies.  Well, she can kick butt in period costume, too. This one’s got good special effects, too.  It’s not the best version of this story but it’s not the worst either.

Art house lovers, I’ve got a good one for you. It’s called Melancholia.  It’s a beautiful movie about the end of the world. Kirsten Dunst is the star and she’s never been better. I would compare this one to the Brad Pitt’s avant guard film, “The Tree Of Life”. But this one is much better.