ST. LOUIS – Grammy Award winner Michael Bublé is coming to St. Louis. He tried to promote the show on FOX 2 News but a technical issue prevented him from hearing the interviewer’s questions. So, he made the best of it and the result is hilarious.

Buble tried to share his thoughts on his new album and St. Louis in an interview with FOX 2’s Randi Naughton, but when the connection was lost Bublé tried to read Naughton’s lips.

“I can’t hear you, Randi. But, I can try to read your lips,” said Bublé. “Just speak slowly to me and I will try to read your lips.”

“Tell us about your new album,” said Randy slowly.

“Are you telling me that I’m incredibly sexy? I could not tell,” said Bublé.

“I believe that is what I said,” laughed Randi.

“I can’t hear you Randi, but I love you,” said Bublé. “I can’t wait to come and do the show in St. Louie you guys are my favorite people in the universe and I’m going to bring the greatest show on earth. I’m going to make tickets affordable and I want families to come. I missed you and it is time for us to rock it out together.”

Naughton then started suing notes that Bublé would read on-screen. She asked him about his new album and told Bublé that St. Louis loves him.

“No, St. Louis doesn’t love me as much as I love St. Louis,” replied Bublé.

“This is the weirdest and best interview we have ever done. We love you and see you in September,” said Randi.

Bublé brings his Higher Tour to the Enterprise Center on Friday, September 9. FOX2 wants you to win tickets every day this week. To register, go to the contest page here. For a bonus chance to win, follow FOX2NOW on Instagram.