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ST. LOUIS – Michael Beran was raised in Louisiana in a six-person household, including his four brothers. Longing to leave his house immediately following high school and having multiple generations of family members that served in various branches of the military, he knew that joining the Navy would be the best avenue for him. His brothers felt the same way. All four of them have served.

Over the next 20 years, Michael served on multiple USBN submarines. He played the tenor saxophone in his free time, which he ultimately played for former presidents Carter, Reagan, and Clinton.

Following his time in the military, Michael moved to Missouri, where he turned his love for animals into a business by opening the Wildlife Command Center in Imperial. Michael’s work consists of wildlife trapping and removal. He also trains an array of wildlife, some of which have been in featured in movies, advertisements, and music videos. To learn more about WCC you can visit their YouTube channel, as well as their show on Discovery+ called “Bare Hands Rescue.”

Michael Was nominated by Jenna Heckethron who told us:

Michael Beran grew up in the swamps of Louisiana, served in the Navy and has built up his own company and a multitude of businesses along the way. Michael served on three different USBN Submarines, was the youngest officer in the nuclear sub division on one other, and also played the tenor sax for Triple Threat. He played for former presidents Carter, Reagan, and Clinton. He has countless stories that relate to serving in the Navy and how they helped to shape him into who he is today.

Michael is the proud veteran owner of Wildlife Command Center based in Imperial, MO. WCC is a wildlife removal company that helps to rescue wildlife from people. He has a multitude of locations in the western area of the US. The company has a very successful YouTube channel, and he also has a show on Discovery+ called Bare Hands Rescue. WCC has its own coffee brand that helps to raise money for his 501c3 Raptor Rescue LLC. Raptor Rescue LLC is a non for profit that helps to Rescue birds that are in trouble. Michael is a Master Falconer and uses his birds and other animals in the film industry. For example, one of the rattlesnakes was on the hit show ‘Breaking Bad.’ He himself has been in over 50 films.

Michael Beran earns $500 from the Brown & Brown Law Firm and our Proud to Serve Award.

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