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(KTVI)- If you are frequently prescribed certain pain medications from your doctor, there are some changes at the pharmacy that you’ll need to know about. These important changes are happening today.

Dr. Amy Teimeier, from the St. Louis College of Pharmacy, tells us more about the changes being made to medications that contain Hydrocodone.

The most familiar medication is Vicodin.

Doctors are changing the way that Hydrocodone is dispensed because it can lead to abuse for those whom it may no longer be necessary. The medication has also become the target of thieves.

Starting Monday, October 3rd, Hydrocodone will be moved from a Schedule 3 (III ) to a Schedule 2 (II) drug.

 New restrictions:

*No refills. Patients must get another prescription.
*Patients must have physical (not electronic) prescriptions.
*Mid-level providers like physicians assistants and nurse practitioners can no longer prescribe Hydrocodone in Missouri.
*Prescriptions are good six months from the date written, not a year like many other prescriptions.

The FDA and DEA noticed the abuse of this medication. Changes are being made because people are becoming addicted.

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