New study finds coffee drinkers are less likely to develop liver disease

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ST. LOUIS – Go ahead and pour yourself another cup of coffee because new evidence shows that it’s good for your liver. A recent study out of the UK shows you’re less likely to develop chronic liver disease if you’re a regular coffee drinker.

Dr. Nicole Shen, a gastroenterologist from SSM DePaul Hospital explained on the Lakeside Renovation and Design Weather Deck.

The study found over ten years that if a person was a coffee drinker they were less likely to develop liver disease compared to those who were not a coffee drinker. The study also found that if a coffee drinker did develop liver disease, that they were less likely to die from it.

According to the study, it also doesn’t matter the type of coffee, whether it’s decaf, drip, or otherwise.

Shen said she does tell her patients to drink coffee.

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