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ST. LOUIS – An annual study by shows big shifts away from traditional assumptions about dating.
Dr. Helen Fisher, PhD, explains the findings of the 11th annual Singles in America study. She explains the numbers that show daters are working on positive changes in themselves, what is important to them while looking for a mate, and what daters think about casual romantic liaisons.

The Singles in America study is a sample size of over 5,000 people. It is a national representative sample of singles based on the US Census.

“Cupid has conquered COVID,” Fisher said.

She said singles are now having more meaningful conversations in hopes of getting married and having a stable partner. The study also found that men are more interested in long-term romantic partnerships.

Another data point on the study found that singles want to date someone who is vaccinated. 73% of singles are vaccinated and only 64% of the American population is vaccinated.

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