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(KTVI) – Ramen noodles! They’re not just for college any more! Well, they are still a staple there and here are some frugal ways to stretch those noodles with a condiment packet or two.

Here are a few recipes to make those cheap college staples into something a little better. All start with a packet of chicken ramen.

Ramen Pasta

Leave out the chicken flavor packet, then top the plain noodles with a container of Little Caesars red sauce and a packet of parmesan.

Cheesy Ramen Soup

Crunch up a bag of Chee-tos, add the chicken flavor packets, then stir in the noodles and cooking liquid.  Stir and enjoy. If you’re brave, you’ll mix it together *in* the Chee-tos bag.

Pad Thai Ramen

Cook ramen like normal, adding in chicken flavor packet, then stir in 1 tbsp. peanut butter and 3 packets of soy sauce.  If you like it hot, also add as much red chili pepper from a packet from a Chinese restaurant as you like.

Pho Ramen

Cook noodles, but leave out chicken flavor packet for now.  Pour noodles and cooking liquid into bowl.  Sprinkle chicken flavor packet on part of noodles, sprinkle fresh jalapeno slices on another part of noodles, torn basil leaves on another, torn cilantro leaves on yet another, squeeze lime over all.

Manchego Ramen

Cook ramen noodles as normal and add chicken flavor packet.  Now, drain the water off – this leaves chicken flavored pasta.  Add a slice or two of cheese (note – you can buy a single slice of cheese from many grocery store deli counters) and stir in while the noodles are hot to melt the cheese.  If you save part of the cheese, you can top the noodles with it.

Ramen a la Mexicana

Cook ramen noodles as normal and add chicken flavor packet.  As we did above, drain the water off – this leaves chicken flavored pasta. Add a container of salsa or pico de gallo from a Mexican restaurant, torn cilantro, and sliced jalapeno peppers, then squeeze a lime over the whole bowl.


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