KIRKWOOD, Mo. — Harriet Patton grew up in Meacham Park, an area of Kirkwood, Missouri.  She spent nearly three decades as a nurse and then decided to start a tutoring program to close the achievement gap between African American students and the greater Kirkwood community.   The Better Than Ever Tutoring Program she founded has supported thousands of students.  It was staffed by volunteer educators, community speakers and leaders and mentors from all over St. Louis.  Harriet recruited a team of people to support the tutoring program, but that was not enough.

Harriet saw a need to begin the Meacham Park Neighborhood Improvement Association in 2018.  With the support of volunteers, churches, major institutions, healthcare providers, Urban League and various committees and government entities, the MINA Meacham park Neighborhood Improvement Association came to life!  This collaboration of entities provides major community events such as the MLK Memorial Celebration, Community Backpack giveaway, Adopt a Family program, outdoor and indoor activities and an annual scholarship awards event! 

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