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ST. LOUIS – During a time when people were desperate for help, Shana Jones-Poole saw a need. At the beginning of the pandemic, she jumped into action to help her neighbors and her neighborhood by setting up a Grab ‘n Go table in her front yard. She never once thought about how her passion to help would continue to provide the resources she needed or that her efforts would multiply and grow into the nonprofit, Keep-Pushing, Inc.

“I was broken, the people in my community were broken, so we made one heart. We had to come together that was the main thing coming together,” said Shana. “Every day, seven days a week, it was our duty to get up and we just put stuff out, put stuff out. And people started catching on, you’re really doing this, like no questions asked, we don’t have to sign no paperwork, you don’t have to know who we are, you’re not telling us it’s a limit.”

All the while she was giving out food and supplies, Shana was dealing with her own pain. She lost more than a dozen family members to COVID-19. Jones found the strength within and then the Grab ‘n Go table in her front yard took off with donations from large businesses and people coming from all around. 

“I always say, God you put us on this corner for a reason because it’s a four-way stop sign and people look left and they see that Grab n’ Go table and they realize there is still hope. People look right they see that Grab n’ Go table and they know there is still hope,” said Jones. She says she told those who came to, “get what you need, take all of it if you need too because God is always going to prevail. God’s going to always overflow.”

The nonprofit Keep-Pushing, Inc. was born out of selflessness. Jones was overwhelmed and grateful to receive a warehouse space to keep and distribute all of the donations. The Grab ‘n Go table is no longer. her new location is on Walton Road in Overland where they welcome families every Friday to get everything they need from food to household goods.

“I’m going to keep pushing, no matter what, no matter where I’m at, till the day it’s time for me to leave I vow to take care of my community. They’re my neighbors,” said Jones.

If you would like to support Shana and her Keep-Pushing efforts, click here.