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ST. LOUIS – Brandon Novak was on course to becomes the next Tony Hawk, but he lost everything when he turned to drugs. Now he has been in recovery for six years and shares his recovery story with people around the world.

Novak went through his story out on the Lakeside Renovation and Design Weather Deck.

Novak started skateboarding at 7 years old. He was then the first skateboarder in the world to be endorsed by Gatorade at 14 years old. Then he started doing commercials and touring the world with Tony Hawk.

Then he was in the “Jackass” movies and the tv show “Viva la Bam.”

Novak said that even though he has done things in life that many would consider him a successful man, addiction does not discriminate.

On May 25, 2015, he woke up to find himself on life support after having been in a coma for seven days. He then walked into his 13th in-patient treatment center.

Now Novak travels the world and he tells people “that their history doesn’t necessarily dictate their future, but it can most certainly guide and direct it, and the disease of addiction is not a death sentence, and as long as you’re breathing it’s never too late.”

Novak said he believes “the opposite of addiction is connection.” He has a direct number for those who need help to contact him. He said he prides himself on being as accessible as possible.

If you or someone you know are suffering from addiction call 610-546-2608 for help. Learn more: