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ST. CHARLES ( MO)- A St. Charles man is making a difference by sharing what he loves in his community. Tom Hannegan is the owner  and publisher of Streetscape Magazine.

Hannegan is making a difference by sharing what he loves about his community. The magazine is committed to spotlighting ordinary people with extraordinary stories. Tom’s  passion to publish a positive community based St. Charles magazine has extended to events like St. Charles Fashion Week and Beyond the best in Business Leaders Awards. The name  of the magazine was inspired by the cobblestone streets of historic Main Street St. Charles .

 The stories highlight some of the biggest names in business, sports and entertainment .Also featuring just ordinary people doing amazing things. “We give an opportunity not only to celebrities but to the local people. I think stories we do on the local people are just as good as the famous people, ” said Hannegan.

 The publisher is committed to raising awareness about non-profits that may go un-noticed except to the people they serve. Every issue brings something unexpected , interesting images, intriguing concepts and  inspiring stories that may otherwise go untold. Most mission statements contain words like value and service but often fail to explain what the founders truly care about. Toms’ mission statement is an exception.” Print is alive and well and I think that”s what people appreciate about Street Scape that there is editorial substance in the magazine and also pretty package,” said Tom. Streetscape magazine is a free publication available on newsstands across St. Charles and St. Charles County. You can also pick up an issue at St. Charles Fashion Week, August 22-25 at Ameristar. FOX 2’s  Angie Mock and KPLR 11’s Melanie Moon are among the emcees.