St. Louis County Executive answers questions on mask mandate, vaccination rates, and more

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. – There has been some progress in the COVID vaccination rates in St. Louis County with a 54% of the population fully vaccinated. However, there is still a mask mandate in place. County Executive Dr. Sam Page shares what is next as the pandemic drags on.

The St. Louis County Health Department has recently seen an uptick in the positivity rate. You can follow along with the COVID stats, schedule a vaccination appointment, see the county’s latest health orders, and more at The website has been in service since the pandemic started to help people in St. Louis County to learn more about this evolving situation.

COVID numbers have returned to close to the pre-Delta Surge numbers when you first relaxed the mask mandate in mid-May. FOX 2’s Blair Ledet askes Dr. Page about the markers to do remove the masks again.

“I will follow the advice of my public health directors and experts in the Health Department and the Pandemic Task Force on Tuesday. The task force was starting to express some concern about the slight uptick that we’ve seen perhaps from waning vaccinations, from folks that are ready for their booster, perhaps from people gathering inside starting to relax a little bit,” said Dr. Page.

Kansas City has recently done away with some elements of its mask mandate. Neighboring counties like St. Charles and Jefferson do not have mask mandates in place. How do decisions in other Missouri communities impact your decision locally?

“We’ve taken a little bit different approach since the beginning of the pandemic. We think that has served St. Louis County well. St. Louis city and County have followed each other closely since March of 2020. I expect that will continue as Mayor Jones and I Talk about this every week,” said Dr. Page.

During the pandemic, there’s been a lot of discussion in our community about COVID and its impact on our minority communities. Where are we with that fight?

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have forced our resources and our public health response to the communities that need it most. In St. Louis County that’s north county. As soon as we had testing available from the county we implemented that in north county. As soon as vaccinations were available we put our efforts first into north county because we understand this is the area that’s been hit the most in the hardest,” said Dr. Page.

More information about vaccines in st. Louis County can be found at

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