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 KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WDAF) — There’s not exactly a new sheriff in town, cracking down on speeding drivers in one Northland neighborhood.

But “Molly” the mannequin is making an impact on Amoret Avenue, off of N.W. 56th Street.

“Her name is Molly, and I just picked her up at an antique store,” said Larry Bye, who anchored the mannequin to a slab of concrete near his driveway. “I collect weird things, and that’s probably one of them.”

Positioned next to a large red sign that reads: “Drive like your kids live here,” Molly stands nearly 6-feet-tall with a purple scarf and red evening gown.

“The young guys give me a thumbs up,” Larry laughed.

Jokes aside, speeding on his street has been a concern for Bye, who has grandchildren who visit. The posted limit is 25 mph on Amoret Avenue.

“You know, with the virus there’s a lot of traffic, with kids on bicycles, people walking,” Bye said. “We got enough problems. We don’t need more.”