Dr. Jordan: Tips for a successful summer

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(KTVI) - The end of the school year is quickly approaching and that means it's time for summer fun to begin.
Behavioral pediatrician Dr. Tim Jordan talks about ways to have a peaceful and successful summer.

1. GET CLEAR ON AGREEMENTS AND EXPECTATIONS: have family meetings and talk thru summer schedules, bedtimes, chores, activities, vacation etc

2. ENCOURAGE KIDS, TO CONNECT WITH KIDS OVER THE SUMMER who have a good track record for being good friends/kind to all/inclusive and to cultivate those friendships so that when the school year starts in august they have a solid friend or 2

3. DISCUSS HOW YOUR HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR WANTS TO BE SUPPORTED IN THE COLLEGE PROCESS, so that they feel less annoyed and more supported now and for their senior year

4. CREATE ENOUGH SPECIAL TIME WITH TEENS GOING OFF TO COLLEGE so that you feel close and connected before they leave- consciously make the transition whereby you become more of a consultant vs. their teacher- ex.: ask their permission before you give advice

5. DECIDE TOGETHER HOW THE SUMMER LOOKS: don't over schedule to the point where kids have no free time or unstructured time

6. DON'T ALLOW COACHES TO DICTATE YOUR FAMILY VACATIONS or whether your kids can go to non-sports related camps etc.


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