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(STLMoms) – You’re a new parent and couldn’t be prouder or more sleep deprived.  If you’re dealing with a fussy baby, pediatrician Dr. Peter Putnam with Esse Health has some calming tips.

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This information is for the infants — babies who are less than four months old.

A 6 to 8 week old normal, healthy infant can cry for up to 2 hours every day.

Things you should do:
-DO swaddle your baby snugly. A tight swaddle will remind her of the peace and comfort of her mother’s womb.
-DO place your fussy baby in a side- or stomach-stimulating position.
-DO rock or jiggle your baby.
-DO shush your baby loudly. White noise from fans or appliances also works.
-DO let her suck on something

Things you shouldn’t do:
-DON’T ignore a crying baby.
-DON’T let her cry it out.
-DON’T give your baby any medication for colic or fussiness unless instructed by a pediatrician.
-DON’T shake a baby.

Red flags that might suggest a problem:
-warning signs include a fever, recent poor feedings, persistent coughing or trouble breathing, persistent vomiting (not just spitting up), or evidence of an injury.