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Washington Town & Country Fair – August 6-10, 2014
Spend all day on the rides for just the cost of admission!

You can count on a great carnival experience when your family visits the Washington Town & Country Fair in Washington, Missouri. PBJ Happee Day Shows brings 21 rides to the event held August 6-10 in Washington, Missouri. With a variety of rides ranging from the kiddie train to the spectacular Nemesis 360 and the classic Octopus, every member of the family will have a favorite ride at the WashMO Fair! And don’t forget, no tickets or wristbands are necessary for the rides – they are all included with your admission! And the best part is that children 5 and under are completely free!

That’s right… free. Admission for children (ages 6-15) is only $10 on Wednesday and Thursday, $15 on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Adult admission is $15 on Wednesday and Thursday, $25 Friday and Saturday, and $20 Sunday. Of course, if you want to make a week of it, season passes are on sale now for only $43 for adults and $30 for children (6-15).

The fair is a great opportunity for your family to have one last family weekend before the school year starts up again, so take the family on a short road trip to Washington, Missouri for the Town & Country Fair – August 6-10! To find out more about the Washington Town & Country Fair, click here or on Facebook