How to help your child through vaccinations at doctor’s appointments

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ST. LOUIS – With the start of school and progress on a COVID vaccine for kids 5 to 11 years of age, many children may have fears of being vaccinated.

In the first year or two of life, babies get a lot of vaccinations, but it’s not until they get a bit older that fear may set in. So, what can parents do to prepare their child before a visit to the pediatrician when they know they will be getting a vaccine? Much depends upon the age of your child and their reaction to shots in the past.

Dr. Arthur says distractions are one way parents can help, especially if the child is younger, whatever you normally do to comfort your child when they get hurt, like scrap their knee, you should consider doing that when they get a shot. It may be their favorite blanket or a stuffed animal that brings them comfort.

He also said while every child is different, not watching the injection itself may help.

As a new COVID vaccine for kids ages 5 to 11 is on the horizon, Arthur believes most children have become accustomed to shots during a visit.

The one thing Arthur discourages is parents telling their child if they don’t sit still, he is going to give them a shot. For one he may not be during that visit and parents should never use shots as a threat. He is okay, however, with offering a treat afterward for a job well done.

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