Recognizing the signs of pediatric stroke

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ST. LOUIS – When you think about someone suffering a stroke, a child might not be the first victim who comes to mind, but it can happen.

St. Louis Children’s Hospital’s Dr. Kristin Guilliams is a physician at the only dedicated pediatric stroke clinic in the area.

Babies under one month old are at the highest risk of having a stroke, but kids of all age can still experience a stroke.

Sometimes if a child has a stroke, it can go unnoticed. The signs that a child has had a stroke in the past will then show themselves as the child develops. Guilliams said one sign of this is if the baby is favoring one hand over the other at just a few months old. She said that is an unusual behavior before two or three years old. A doctor should be notified.

It is important to BE FAST when recognizing the signs of a stroke.

  • Balance – having trouble walking
  • Eyes – having trouble seeing
  • face – having trouble controlling facial expressions
  • arms – can’t lift arms equally
  • speech – having trouble speaking or being understood
  • time – It’s important to act fast if you think someone is having a stroke.

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