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ST. LOUIS – The hustles and bustle of the holidays can leave you exhausted how about cuddling up with a nice hot drink on a cold night?  William Blackman from Cask and Kettle joined Fox 2 and showed how to make some fun, easy boozy k-cup cocktails.

1. Irish coffee-this is our most popular. Add ½ shot of a boozy cream liquor like Bailey’s or Rumchatta or dollop of your favorite gelato/ice cream for a hard coffee float

2. Mexican coffee -to dial up the chocolate, add a touch of dark chocolate syrup to the mug, brew Mexican coffee on top, give a quick stir, add marshmallows

3. Hot blonde – enhance (not overwhelm) the malty vanilla and vodka hard coffee flavor. Add a splash of your favorite fancy creamer and you have a boozy vanilla latte or add ½ shot of your favorite holiday spirit –

4. Cider – add a hint of citrus or dial it up for a taste of hot apple pie. Slice an orange (blood orange), rim the lip of the mug with the orange slice and squeeze the juice into the hot spiked cider or for a more decadent drink – add whipped cream on top of the hot spiked cider and drizzle with caramel.

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