STL Moms: Hospitals still safest place to give birth during pandemic, docotor says

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ST. LOUIS – Recently during STL Mom segments we discuss how the spread of COVID 19 is leading to an interest in home births for moms-to-be. Fox 2 reporter Molly Rose talked to a local doctor who says hospital births remain the safest option for mom and baby, even during a pandemic.

Doctor Guy Venezia clinical lead at SSM Health for the women and children’s clinical program says every patient has a right to choose where they will deliver, he just wants to make sure women consider their risk factors before making the decision to have a home birth.

He explains it’s good to know somewhere between 10 and 40 percent of women who are planning to have a home birth end up being transferred to the hospital — so you could be faced with a stressful ambulance ride.

Doctor Venezia says there has been a slight increase in home births nationwide about 2 percent of deliveries. He explains there are maternal care differences to be considered too — moms have a risk of, hemorrhage seizing, severe hypertension, and other medical emergencies and at the hospital, there’s a whole team of doctors and nurses to give immediate treatment. He also states they do simulations of these emergency situations so they can handle them within minutes.

According to Doctor Venezia, SSM Health is keeping their hospitals safe and says in our area we are seeing a very low percentage of moms coming to the hospital with COVID-19, and if they do have it they are being completely isolated from others.


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