STLMoms: Magnesium can help reduce stress, anxiety

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(STLMoms)- Are you stressed out, or have difficulty sleeping and losing weight? You may need a good dose of the anti stress mineral.

Marshall Ray with Faster Fitness tells us how Magnesium can help reduce stress and anxiety.

By controlling stress, we prevent problems with our Thyroid, gut, gaining weight and many diseases.

Benefits of Magnesium:

1) Reduces stress and anxiety. It lowers Cortisol and other hormones that lead to anxiety and sleep problems.
2) Improves sleep, which improves energy throughout the day by calming the nervous system you become relaxed and sleep deep throughout the night.
3) Improves carbohydrate tolerance, leading to better energy and weight loss.

Intake goals:
Men: 700 mg
Women: 500 mg

Top 3 Food sources
Almonds and other tree nuts: ~75 mg
Spinach:  79 mg
Beans: 86 mg

Magnesium Glycinate over Oxide

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