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(STLMoms)- The new year brings many resolutions and while thinking of some for yourself, why not also hold a vision for your daughter? Behavioral Pediatrician Dr. Tim Jordan gives us seven resolutions to keep your daughter on track.

7 Resolutions to keep your daughter on track:

1.Make noise, ruffle feathers, and stand out:

2.Become unpopular: girls tend to spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about not displeasing others or hurting their feelings.

3.Be willing to discard parts of themselves in order to expand: at a subconscious level, girls have been deciding things about themselves, relationships, and life based upon past experiences.

4.Trust your gut: teach girls to access their intuition and inner knowing and to let it guide them in decision-making.

5.Make your life incredible: encourage your daughter to embark on a life-long, extraordinary journey of self-discovery. I

6.Find your tribe: teach girls to surround themselves with loving and supportive people. Encourage them to find friends, mentors, and groups who ‘get them’ and where they can bust out and be   themselves without feeling judged. S

7.Define success on their terms: help your daughter redefine strength, power, and leadership on their own terms.

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