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(STLMoms) -A recently published article in Time Magazine said that using time outs in your home as a way to discipline your children, may not be a good idea. Pediatrician, Dr. Kathleen Bercherlmannn with St. Louis Children’s Hospital, talked with us Monday morning about the dos and don’ts of time outs.

A primary concern of the article in Time Magazine is that a time out leaves a child feeling isolated and distressed and instead parents should focus on building a loving relationship and comforting their child.

They instead propose that parents should use ‘time in’ when a child misbehaves, which is when a parent sits with a child while talking or comforting them until they calm down.


  • Determine which behaviors are ‘timeoutable’
  • Chose a specific spot for time outs to take place
  • Practice how to do a time out before you actually use it
  • Give the time out immediately following the misbehavior
  • Set an expectation for your child to calm before leaving time out
  • Keep yourself calm
  • Remove all types of reinforcement
  • Be consistent and follow through
  • Follow up after the time out to praise your child for calming and to teach a more appropriate alternative behavior

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