What to do when parents disagree on children wearing masks and getting vaccinated

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ST. LOUIS – As classes resume for in-person learning, some school districts are requiring masks, while others are leaving the decision up to the student’s parents, but what happens if the parents are divorced and disagree on whether a mask should be worn during school hours.

The pandemic has certainly brought new challenges before our family courts. When parents have shared legal custody and disagree on what is in the best interest of the child it can be complicated.

Last school year, wearing masks was mandatory for most area districts. Now, some schools are leaving the decision up to parents to decide.

The issue with mask-wearing may just be scratching the surface of an even bigger problem.

 A recent study by “Parents Together” highlights that fewer than 60 percent of parents plan to have their child vaccinated against COVID. This leaves 40 percent undecided or unwilling to vaccinate.

With a vaccine soon available for kids ages 5 to 11, if you think you and your ex will disagree on your child getting a COVID shot, addressing the issue now, before the child is eligible is wise and may save time and energy.

Ideally, parents will come to an agreement before the argument goes to court.

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