Strategies for dealing with dating app addiction

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ST. LOUIS – Dating apps hit an all-time high during the pandemic, but some people have become addicted to the apps.

Dr. Jeremiah Weinstock from SLU specializes in psychology and more specifically, addictions. He explained how datings apps can be positive and negative.

Weinstock said there are a lot of similarities between those with gambling addictions and those with dating app addictions.

He said just like with any addiction giving yourself limits can be helpful. Saying, “I’m only going to be on the app for 10 minutes.”

Another way to control this addiction is by having an accountability buddy. The person addicted would tell their accountability buddy that they’re only going to be on the app for 10 minutes and then once 10 minutes pass, the buddy would check in to make sure the addicted person has gotten off the app.

Weinstock has also been working on an app to try to get people to stop gambling through the SLU WAGER Lab.

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